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Respect the Beach

Respect the Beach
Opala (Trash)

Please remember the beaches are here for us to use and enjoy, so if you can lend a hand and pick up the trash as often as possible, it goes a long way. And maybe someone will see you do that and they’ll do it also.

I’m thoroughly disgusted at going to beaches and seeing the trash cans full and people walking right by them and trashing the beach instead. It’s like, Hello!?! I know that Da Hui and Hui O He’e Nalu did a giant beach cleanup. It was such a positive statement what they did, especially for that time of the year (Triple Crown). But you have to realize that it doesn’t end there.

We need to remember that the beach always needs to be kept clean. Not just during the Triple Crown but in the fall and in the spring and in the summer. I mean, come on people, wake up! Surfers are so funny because they walk right by trash. But other surfers, it’s from the heart and they stop and they pick up the trash. My hats off to those organizations and clubs and apparel companies who step up for that!

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