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16-year old Sophia, catching one of the biggest waves of her life
My parents gave me this one-week surf camp for my 16th birthday, because all I wanted to do for spring break was surf. I was tripping out at first because I didn’t want to paddle out into an already crowded line-up with a group of kooks. Boy, was I wrong. This camp was a “one-on-one” extreme all-day surf adventure. I surfed with a legend who knew and shared everything about surfing the North Shore of Hawaii. I can now feel comfortable paddling out into 8-foot plus Sunset (Hawaiian size) and have fun surfing it. My surfing has improved, not only because I have learned how to ride the wave better, but also because I’ve learned to understand the ocean better.

Sophia Sarlo – Malibu, CA
Rodney dropping into a nice one
I wanted to tell you again how thankful I am for the wonderful opportunity to study with you guys. The advice I received from Darrick is priceless. My style, attitude and overall philosophy as a surfer have been forever improved.

Rodney Youman – New York, NY
Darrick and business manager Kyoko sharing a wave
I was out in the lineup near the end of our session and one of the other surfers asked me, ‘Who is your friend, the guy you are surfing with? He looks familiar.‘ I told him it was Darrick and then reflected that the lesson was indeed a relaxed coaching session with a highly qualified ‘friend’ who emphasized my strengths while giving me new insight into strategy and timing. I have long regarded Darrick as one of the top surfers in the world and now I have gained the same respect for him as an instructor.

John Ulbinsky – Cocoa Beach, FL
Darrick was a guest speaker at the Malibu Surfing Association
Thank you so much for the seminar you put on in Malibu. I was stoked on your positive attitude and advice; meeting you definitely changed my perspective on what I am capable of. So, thanks again for everything, it was a huge blessing.

Jesse Scarantino – Malibu Seminar
Thanks again for a great time. My trip was a near religious experience. See you all next winter…

Lyle Eckmeier – Los Angeles, CA
Just wanted to say a giant MAHALO for sharing so much from your extensive knowledge as a waterman, and for what you did to encourage all of us to connect with each other in positive ways. You have given us a real gift, and I hope we have the wisdom to communicate with each other and trust it will grow — and to pass it on to the next generation. That is what made it a special and memorable night for me.

Mike Jones – Monterey Seminar
If you want to ride the biggest, fastest, most powerful waves of your life, Darrick Doerner, otherwise known as the legendary Double D, will put you in the right place at the right time in the right frame of mind. He’ll push you to a level slightly beyond the one you thought possible and leave you with a newfound sense of your own potential. You will learn the difference between a six foot wave at Malibu and a six foot wave at Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay. You will learn that waves cannot be measured by rulers. You will make the drop and turn and look up as the wave of your life suddenly jacks and bowls four feet over your dream-filled head and say ‘Oh my God’ as you slice across the face and shoot out of the spray in a revelation of stunning sea. Your confidence will grow just being in the water with him. Your concentration will deepen. Your focus sharpen. He doesn’t fill your ears with needless chatter. Because he wants you to listen. To study the break, the lineups, the tides. To put yourself in the right position. To have your wits about you. To gather yourself, center yourself. He’ll teach you how to share the waves and receive more in return. That surfing is not a competition. He’ll teach you how to make your presence in the lineup a welcome sight instead of a cause for dread amongst surfers who see yet another grim-faced wave-hog paddling out to count how many waves he caught that day. But a few sessions with Darrick will leave you with something unexpected as well: A sense of almost religious respect for the ocean and the sport of surfing which will change how you carry yourself when you’re back on the shore…And you will never be the same.

Kario Salem – Malibu, CA

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